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Allen Klein: The Man Who Bailed Out the Beatles, Made the Stones, and Transformed Rock & Roll

They say he broke up the Beatles and robbed the Rolling Stones, but the truth is bigger, badder and more fascinating.


The notorious music manager, Allen Klein, taught a generation of brilliant musicians — from the Beatles and the Stones to Sam Cooke and the Kinks — the business of being a rock star. In the process he made millions for his clients and changed music forever. Allen Klein is the real story of the man who transformed rock & roll, opening the door on the private dealings and backroom battles of some of the biggest bands in history.


“Writing about contracts, percentages and deals can be tedious, but Goodman makes it as exciting as reading about an artist's sex life. The book explodes with inside dope.” —Jim Farber, New York Daily News


“Fred Goodman makes this world come alive and any fan of rock or insider tales of the music industry will be in heaven reading about this fascinating, troubling character.” —Judd Apatow


“One highly engrossing read. . . . Fred Goodman is a superb writer and his account here of one of rock ‘n’ roll’s most polarizing figures could not be more readable. [A] triumph.” —Yahoo! Music


“I want you to read it, so you can see how the world really works. Allen Klein reinvented the wheel.” —Bob Lefsetz


“Goodman's eye-opening biography of a pivotal insider reveals the record-company machinations behind some of the biggest names from the 1960s.” —Booklist


“In this balanced, fascinating, and well-written biography, Goodman gives [Allen Klein] credit where it's due.” —Kirkus, STARRED